Dr. LB Cebik [W4RNL] sk – 10-10 PDF Articles

LB Cebik [W4RNL] 10-10 Articles

No. 1: Db DBi DBd
No. 2: Hidden and Invisible Antennas
No. 3: Where does the Gain Come From
No. 4; Antennas and Low Sun Spot Counts
No. 5: What Difference Does Height Make
No. 6: The Simplest 2-Element Yagi
No. 7: The Poor Old ZL Special
No. 8: Raiding the Hardware Store
No. 9: Fans and Bow Ties
No. 10: Notes on 10-Meter Antenna Tuners
No. 11: Mobile Antennas for 10 Meters
No. 12: Multiband vs. 10-Meter Dipoles
No. 13: K4HJJ’s 2-Element Minibeam (a guest column: not in this collection)
No. 14: EDZs Stacked and Unstacked
No. 15: Coax The Short Story
No. 16: Antenna Noise
No. 17: Some Misconceptions About SWR
No. 18: The Simplest 3-Element Yagi
No. 19: A 3-element 10-Meter Beam on an 8 ft Boom
No. 20: The Rotatable Dipole Revisited (a guest column: not in this collection)
No. 21: A Simple 2-Element 10-Meter Quad
No. 22: The Handy Quarter-Wave Matching Section
No. 23: Some Notes on Antenna Safety
No. 24: Three Ways to Skin a Quad Loop
No. 25: The 10-Meter L-Antenna
No. 26: When Should I use a Vertical on 10?
No. 27: A Compact Aluminium Moxon Rectangle
No. 28: Beta Coils and Hairpins
No. 29: Some Larger 10-Meter Yagi Designs
No. 30: The V-Yagi
No. 31: A Triangular Vertical Array
No. 32: What the heck is a Stub
No. 33: The Cheapest 2-Element Beam
No. 34: The Turnstile Antenna on 10m
No. 35: A 10-Meter 6 Element OWA Yagi
No. 36: 4 and 5 Element OWA Yagis
No. 37: 6 and 7 Element OWA Yagis
No. 38: Notes on Home-Brewing 10m Yagis
No. 39: Frequently Asked Questions
No. 40: More Frequently Asked Questions
No. 41: A 10 Meter Band J-Pole
No. 42: A ‘Hilltopper’ 10m Portable Dipole
No. 43: Compact OWA Yagi for the whole of 10 Meters
No. 44: Large OWA Yagi for the whole of 10 Meters
No. 45: What should I expect from a Yagi
No. 46: The Persistent V-Beam Myth
No. 47: Baluns – What are they and do I need one
No. 48: Baluns – What is a 4 to 1 Balun transformer
No. 49: The Basic 10-Meter Monopole
No. 50: Notes on Horizontal Antenna Gain
No. 51: The Tri-Moxon Switched Vertical Array
No. 52: Gain vs Bandwidth
No. 53: Short Boom Wide-Band 3 Element Yagi
No. 54: An Orientation to Reasonable Yagi Expectations
No. 55: What to Expect from Multiband Yagis
No. 56: Some Ideas for Quad Loops in the Field
No. 57: A Different Kind of 10m Attic Antenna
No. 58: Theory of Vacation Antennas