Dr. LB Cebik – W4RNL [sk]

LB Cebik W4RNL – The Antenna Guru’s Guru

About 10 years ago there was plenty of online references to Dr. LB Cebik [W4RNL]. I remember over the past 30 years or so trawling the net in the early days, and later, reading many Cebik articles on antenna modelling. This was way before Vortex but it gave me an insight into antenna theory and how it all worked. LB presented the data in easy to digest methods and made it seem fairly straightforward especially for novices like myself.

It was pretty fascinating stuff. Unfortunately over the last 10 years or so, references to ‘LB’ seem to have dwindled and now seem few and far between. It’s almost that the legacy is being forgotten.

There’s a small snippet here on his passing in 2008 and there’s a couple of European hams with various modelling pages but not much else.

The various sites dedicated to him in the past cebik.com and annteneX.com [the later used to surface Cebik models and data] have now long disappeared. Antentop.org did have some articles but the site now seems to have become redundant.

I’ve managed to find the following LB Cebik W4RNL articles which I hope will inspire enthusiasts to study the subject more.

Dr. Cebik openly encouraged enthusiasts to study his work, get involved and gain experience. Follow the links below for articles, PDF’s and files.

10-10 News
Antennas From the Ground Up
Antenna Modelling
Antenna Notes on UHF and VHF Antennas
Antenna Options
Antenna Potpourri
Cubical Quad and Loop Antennas
Log Periodic Dipole Antennas [LPDA’s] and Log Periodic Monopole Arrays [LPMA’s]
Lower HF Antennas [Mainly 30m and below]
Miscellaneous and Other Articles
Modelling and Understanding Small Beams
Moxon Antennas
Transmission Lines, Impedance Coupling and Construction
Upper HF Antennas [Mainly 20m and above]

Books by LB Cebik [W4RNL]
7 Steps to Designing your own Ham Equipment
Basic Antenna Modelling – A Hands On Tutorial
Intermediate Antenna Modelling – A Hands On Tutorial
Cubical-Quads-Volume 1
Cubical-Quads-Volume 2
Cubical-Quads-Volume 3
Notes on Longwires and Rhombics
W4RNL Antennas Made of Wire Volume 1
W4RNL Antennas Made of Wire Volume 2
W4RNL Antennas Made of Wire Volume 3