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The Q82MKII vertical for 10/11 and 12m continues to be manufactured based on the original Vortex Antenna Systems design criteria. Available and hand-built to order by Steve [G0UIH].
Now firmly established and said by many to the be the best 10/11/12m vertical available with an unrivalled build quality.

As I’m semi-retired, I am only building Q82’s at certain times of the year – this depends on my circumstances as I am often out of the country. See the bottom of this page for the current status of orders and options on how to purchase.

Click here for more info and data on the Q82MKII.

Mr Coily’s Excalibur 64 Vertical Antenna – well and truly beaten – an independent review below

SM7ZDR puts the Q82MKII up against a market leader, Mr Coily’s Excalibur 64. Is the Q82 the world’s best 11m vertical? – he seems to think so. Check the full independent review here.

An original Vortex Q82MKII. Steve G0UIH now continues to manufacture the Q82 to the same exacting standards
Example of the Q82MKII feed arrangement. Here we see the N-Socket female coaxial feed. Aluminium angle provides the earth and the feed goes to a M8 bolt via a small ‘Flexweave’ link. This also supports the main gamma tube.
Base section of the Q82MKII showing the long 3/8th wave radials and right angle supporting bars.
These radials need a ‘belt ‘n braces’ approach and require these two substantial supports
Plot showing the Q82MKII at 10m above ground. Great gain on the main lobe at 5.82dbi and superbly reduced gain on the minor lobes. This means the majority of the power goes to the main low angle lobe – just where you need it. In addition, the 2:1 SWR bandwidth is over 4.3MHz which is over twice the span compared to other manufactures.
The Q82MKII at SM7ZDR sitting comfortably at just under 2.2Kw key-down. SWR is pretty flat and the use of premium grade materials ensures trouble-free high-power handling. Try putting that power through a Sirio ‘Gainmaster’

A handful of quotes from just a few of our very happy users around the world….

From Larry in the US –
Hi Steve – my Q82 has survived many tropical storms and two hurricanes. It is mounted 1 meter above a 6 element Maco. ( which has been up since 2002 and needs to be replaced with a Vortex :). The base of the Q82 is 13 meters above ground and I constantly have worked locally more than 100 miles on AM and 125 on SSB. It out performs all my locals ground planes and 3 and 4 element beams. Thanks for the hours of enjoyment with the Q82. respectfully Larry.

From Dave M0OGY in the UK –
Hello Mate, well the bands are crap (still) but check this out …..UKFM today, barely 3 watts and 15-20 miles with a 5/9 + 20 signal. It was Dave at the other side of Howden who I believe was using a MK1 Q82. So all’s good 73 – Dave M0OGY

From Bryne in Eugene (Oregan – USA)
Hello Steve, and a very Merry Christmas to you!
Thanks for all your help. By the way, I’m blown away by the Vortex’s performance at just 3 feet off of the ground. I made a contact on an old TRC-457 from Eugene, Oregon to Sweet Home, Oregon with 4.5 watts. That’s about 40 miles with a ground mounted antenna over hilly terrain, surrounded by houses in a suburban neighbourhood. Not bad & I’m not even fully tuned up yet. Amazing.

Need high-power handling? – Here’s a professional EIA flange 1 5/8th inch RF connector which can be included in a Q82 build. Power handling of the connector at 27Mhz is over 20kw. The connector is rated at 90Kw peak.

Here’s a common user question we get asked:
Isn’t the Q82 is just a copy of the old Avanti Sigma VI or the newer Siro Vector 4000 as the photos look the same – I’m not convinced.
A: Absolutely not.

Electrically it is nowhere near the same – just study the info sheet and you’ll see why. Plus the build quality of the Q82 is in a different league – see Larry’s comments [A USA buyer] above.
You won’t see any Sigma VI’s or Vector 4000’s still standing after a 100mph++ storm!
You’ll also see why it’s the market leader on the ‘References against other antennas Page’.

You can purchase your brand new Q82MKII below. Various options are available including an SO239 feed with a PTFE dielectric [which is good for up to *2kw], a professional ‘N-Type’ connector by ‘Rosenberger‘ Germany [good for up to *3kw} and for the QRO aficionado, a 7/16ths connector for power levels of over *5Kw. Other higher power level capabilities [Up to 20Kw] are available on request – just email me. To prevent bots – the email address is listed as an image at the bottom of the home page here

* Info on Connectors: We only quote the official manufacturers power handling for each connector. In the real world, a quality premium PTFE SO239 such as the Amphenol or Rosenberger ones we use will handle 3-4kw easily.

See the very nice 1 and 5/8ths inch EIA flange connector below which we had specially manufactured by TRU-Corporation for a commercial client here in the UK.

Need high-power handling? – Here’s a professional EIA flange 1 5/8th inch RF connector which can be included in a Q82 build. Power handling of the connector at 27Mhz is over 20kw. The connector is rated at 90Kw peak.

You only buy the ultimate antenna once – make sure it’s the right choice.

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The next limited production run of the Q82MKII will be late Summer 2024.

Any questions before ordering? – Email Steve G0UIH here on for advice – see below.
To prevent bots – the email address is shown as an image at the bottom of the home page