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Delta Loops and Antennas by G0UIH For Sale.
Original ‘Vortex Antenna Systems’ Designs

Current Delta Loops and Antennas For-Sale

Currently we don’t have any Delta Loops or antennas for sale but check back later as this can change. is aimed squarely at the home constructor and I hope the information and advice that’s on the site is useful. But if you need a working Delta Loop that you can install straight out of the box, then from time-to-time I will produce a very small selection of Delta Loops based on my original ‘Vortex Antenna Systems‘ designs. Saying that, I’m semi-retired so builds only happen when time allows.


Delta Loop background and what we build:
Each design has been thoroughly ‘Re-optimised‘ following EZNEC modelling. Our experience over the years shows that EZNEC is NOT good [actually very poor] at accurately modelling Delta Loops. We know the pitfalls and limitations and have optimised these models using our own algorithms and methods.

Using our hybrid “12 Point Field Strength Array” which utilises a sensor at every 30 degree point around the compass, we can see exactly what’s happening with every change that’s made – this happens in ‘Real-time’. Each sensor is linked via Bluetooth to a laptop with bespoke monitoring software so you can be sure that your antenna is optimised as best it can be in a ‘Real-World’ scenario.

Although not badged ‘Vortex‘, electrically and mechanically they are identical. Sorry – I’m not kitted out to build any bespoke designs anymore and only antennas in the drop-down lists at the bottom of this page are currently available.

All antennas are supplied with all the required hardware [plus a spares bag too 🙂 ] and are ready to go. Full installation data is included with every build plus all gamma match settings and full colour images of actual setups in the real world.

G0UIH Lightweight Delta Loop [2 or 3 Elements – 10 or 11m Bands]
On paper, the 2 element Delta has similar performance figures to the 3 element Yagi. On air it’s a different scenario. The ‘Delta’ beats the Yagi hands-down under most scenarios. I produce both the 2 or 3 element versions of the lightweight Delta Loop. Available complete with mounting kit to fit a scaffold pole or 2 inch mast and a choice of either the 10m or 11m bands – select from the menu at the bottom of this page to see what we currently have for sale.

A 2-Element Lightweight Delta Loop [11M2] at 26AT715. At only 7kg, the antenna is easily handled by a small rotator

G0UIH Heavy Duty Delta Loop [5 Elements – 11m Band] – Order Code 11M5HD
Here’s a real performer. Used originally by Geoff [26SD117] to great effect during Solar Cycle 24, this antenna just smashes the pileups. Out-performs Yagis any day and with a boom length of just over 9.5m. The Delta has great backscatter capabilities [as do most Deltas] and a super quiet receive being a ‘closed-loop‘ design. It’s not for the feint hearted but you’ll hear and work DX way before the others do. When available, we’ll normally ship in about 4 weeks. Currently only UK shipping is available. See the drop-down menu at the bottom of this page to purchase.

Owner quote: “The Vortex Delta Loop 5 HD … AMAZING !! Tested with 9AT/000, 14DA/SI and Jan in 153 div. Most often 3-4 ‘S’ units better, sometimes up to 5 between the Delta and the GB Towers Yagi 5. The backscatter is incredible!!”

G0UIH Heavy Duty Delta Loop [6 Elements – 11m Band] – Order Code 11M6HD
Here’s the best of the best. Jim [26IR135] purchased this great 6 element Delta in early 2019. At this time, the propagation on 11m was poor to non-existent being at the bottom of the cycle. However, as Jim says, this antenna creates it’s own conditions. Even an op [local to Jim] running a 4 element quad frequently reported the Delta hearing DX that the quad failed to pick up – and that’s with Jim giving 5/5 and 5/7 genuine reports. You’d think the quad would still have a receive – but it certainly wasn’t the case. It’s big and needs plenty of real-estate. But it you’ve got the balls – and the space for a 12m boom! then this baby will be all you’ll ever need. Built to order with a shipping time normally of about 5 weeks.

The 11M6 – an antenna with exceptional qualities. Whilst operating the higher HF bands from Lord Howe Island
[IOTA OC-004], I worked only 4 UK stations and ALL were using Vortex Delta Loops – says a lot about this magical antenna.

Here’s a snippet from owner Jim….”Hi Steve  – Hope you are well and Ian just told me about the news regarding Vortex and you retiring spending quality time with the family, I cannot fault you Steve and want to wish you all the very best for the future.

Your products are amazing and build quality is the best out there, My 6 element delta loop is a beast, I had a huge pile up from the states today and looking at the cluster – all other UK were only working Europe and the Europeans were not spotting the states – Only other European stations. I then called CQ on 555 and stations from Jamaica and Aruba both called me 5/5 and no other stations worked them. I was the only one in Europe working into the West Indies.

I have been noticing a trend working stations in SA very weak to me and no one else working them. We can all work the 5/9+20db stations but the weak ones that I’m working – other UK stations are not hearing or working them. When I spot them on the cluster, Ian on his 4 element monoband quad is not hearing the stuff I am working and told me today he could not hear the States strong enough to work them. They were 5/5 to 5/7 to me and I was getting 5/9 reports back and had a huge pile up. This 6 element Vortex is absolutely incredible, The more testing I do with it and weak station work – the more I am impressed.

You build a incredible antenna Steve and I am so happy I purchased it before you close the business down. Thanks for a superb product made to last –
Jim 26IR135 – UK

You only buy the ultimate antenna once – make sure it’s the right choice.

From time-to-time other ‘Vortex’ designs and models may become available.
Check this page out for any updates.

Current Delta Loops and Antennas For-Sale

Currently we don’t have any Delta Loops or antennas for sale but check back later as this can change.

Any questions before ordering? – Email Steve G0UIH here on for advice – see below.
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